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How do I redeem my eTIPS Passport COdes?

If you or your employer purchased eTIPS Passports you may register for your course by clicking on the red "Passport Registration Page" button below.

Passports are pre-paid certificates that are good for one person and each have a unique "Passport ID". This is the only link on this website where a student may register using a Passport.

  • Click on the red "Passport Registration Page" Button below.
  • If you have just one code click the "Single Passport Code" radio button.
  • If you have two codes click the "Two Passport Codes" radio button.
  • If your Passport is for a single course enter your Passport Number and click on the Proceed Button.
  • If your Passport is for a package deal enter your ID Number and Registration number in the appropiate fields and click on the Proceed Button.
  • The system will verify that the Passport number entered is valid. If it is valid you will then login to your existing account or click on the "Sign Up" link to create your accoun. If the system does not recognize the Passport Number, contact the person who gave you the Passport information.
  • Follow the instructions on the next page to enter your personal information and choose your username and password. You may take the course as soon as you register or at a later date.
  • If you return at a later date after registering you may log in to your course using any returning student log in link on this site or use the red "Returning Student Login" button below.

Returning students login below using the username and password you selected when redeeming your Passports. You MUST register on the "Passport Registration Page" before you can login using the red button below.

If you have questions on your Passports purchased from us or need to purchase more, please call us at (877) 851-7272.

If you need support help, you may call TIPS support at ( 800) 438-8477 Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm. Support is not open on Saturday or Sunday.

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