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New York TIPS Alcohol Training Online

Responsible Beverage Service training is not mandated by the state of New York. However the state of New York has a voluntary responsible vendor program called Alcohol Training and Awarenes Program (ATAP) and is regulated by the New York State Liquor Authourity (NYSLA).

TIPS Alcohol Training Online is accepted statewide for use in New York. The TIPS On-Premise course for restaurants and bars and Off-Premise course for liquor and grocery stores are approved by the NYSLA ATAP program.

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Why Should I Take the TIPS Online Training Course for New York?

It's now becoming the norm for NY employers in the restaurant and bar, liquor store and gaming industries to hire only those who are New York ATAP certified. If your goal is to obtain one of these high paying, tipped positions, then undergoing responsible alcohol service training could very well be vital to your future. The New York State Liquor Authority also takes alcohol training into account for lawsuit liabilities—getting the New York ATAP training could keep you safe should a customer do something they shouldn't.

New York Alcohol Laws

This information has been provided to us by the regulating agency and is believed to be correct. However, laws and regulations may change at any time, and the information provided should not be relied upon in place of official documents or legal advice. For more information or clarification, consult the regulatory body for this jurisdiction directly.

Last checked: 07/19/2012

Age to Consume 21
Age to Pour 21 - Most laws concerning the sale and service of alcoholic beverages in Nevada are regulated by the local jurisdictions.
Age to Sell 18
Age to Serve 18
DUI/DWI Limit .08
DUI/DWI Under Age Limit .02
Maximum Alcohol per Drink Not Regulated
Number of Drinks at One Time Not Regulated
Dram Shop Liability Laws Yes
Social Host Liability Laws Yes
Server Training Required by State No. New York has a voluntary Responsible Vendor Program that sets standards for licensees to meet in order to be considered a responsible vendor.
ID Confiscation Allowed No. Licensees are not authorized to confiscate IDs they recognize as false. Licensees should notify the police or local law enforcement officials and refuse sale.
Recommended Age for Carding None

Acceptable Forms of ID - New York

  • A valid driver's license issued by NY or any state or commonwealth in the US or Canada or federal government.
  • A non-driver identification card issued by NY or any state or commonwealth in the US or Canada or federal government.
  • A valid passport card.
  • An identification card issued by the Armed Forces of the United States.

ID information last check and changed on 06/17/2011