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Lost TIPS Certification Card

One of the most frequest phone calls we receive is to replace a lost TIPS certification card. Many states require that you have an approved alcohol certification card on your person when serving alcohol. Many of these states also require the employer to keep a copy of your card in your employee file so an inspector can see that all of the staff are certified when they inspect.

Our best advice is that when you receive your first TIPS certification card, you should make photocopies of the TIPS card and give one of those to your employer and keep one in your wallet or purse. Store your original TIPS card in a safe, secure spot.

If you were trained less than 90 days ago and there is an error in your card, then you are entitled to receive a replacement card at no charge.

If you were certified less than three years ago (TIPS cards expire 3 years from the date of your class) you may order a replacement card directly from TIPS by clicking on the button below. Please follow these three steps in the correct order to do this:

  • Locate you TIPS username and password to access the online TIPS portal.
  • Click on the "Check Your TIPS Status". A new window will open with the TIPS login page. Login using your username and password from when you took the course online. 
  • Verify that you are in the TIPS database and your TIPS certification is still valid.
  • If you are in the TIPS database and your certification is valid, click on the "Order a Replacement TIPS Card" button below. A new window will open with the TIPS login page where you can once again login and order your replacement TIPS card. The standard fee is $20.00.

If you are not in the TIPS databse or your certification is over three years old, you will have to take the course again, pass the test and receive a new certification.

Check Your TIPS Status Here:

Please Check Your Status Prior To Ordering a New Card!

Order a Replacement TIPS Card Here:

Please Use the Self-Service Buttons Above to Check Your Status or Order a Card!

For Help With Lost Cards, call the main TIPS Support Office at 1 800-438-8477
Monday - Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm.

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