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Oregon TIPS Certification - OLCC Approved

Responsible alcohol training is mandated by the state of Oregon. The Oregon law requires any person who serves alcoholic beverages at a licensed establishment pass an approved training course and take the official Oregon exam to receive a Server Permit. This law applies to employees and managers who serve alcohol on the premises in any manner.Training is also required for Package Liquor type establishments where alcohol is consumed off the premises.

After successful completion of the eTIPS course, servers may apply for their Oregon Alcohol Server Permit here. The State will charge an additional fee that is not included in any of the training providers course fee. Servers in the State of Oregon must have their temporary or permanent Server Permit prior to starting work.

Off Premise clerks and managers who sell alcohol for consumption off the premises are NOT required to hold an Oregon Server Permit.

The State of Oregon will charge you an additional state filing fee (and a portal access fee) when we upload your Alcohol Certification to the State.. That fee will be added into your cart. The current fee is $28.65 per person. That fee applies to all alcohol course providers both in person and online.The State may change that fee at any time per their discretion.

TIPS Seller Server Training is accepted state-wide in Oregon for both On and Off-Premise staff.

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Who Should Be TIPS Certified?

Anyone who serves or sells alcohol in an Oregon On-Premise licensed establishment must take and pass a responsible alcohol training course and then apply for an Oregon Alcohol Server Permit from the state of Oregon prior to starting work. TIPS certification is also required by many insurance companies. In addition, having your staff TIPS certified may reduce you liquor liability insurance!

  • Mandatory: (anyone who mixes, sells or serves in any manner)
  • Bartenders
  • Bar Backs if they serve any alcohol
  • Servers
  • Host, Hostess or Cashier who rings up bills including alcohol sales
  • Managers
  • Package Liquor Store Clerks and Managers
  • Not Mandatory Below but good practice:
  • Valets
  • ID Checkers

Follow These Easy Steps Below to get TIPS Certified

  • Enroll in our class by clicking on one of the "Buy Now" buttons above.
  • Complete the TIPS alcohol certification course online at your own pace.
  • Pass the certification exam. You have 30 days to complete the course.
  • If you fail the final exam you have one additional attempt to pass at no charge.
  • Print your TIPS certificate as proof of your online certification.
  • Receive your permanent TIPS certification card by US mail in 7 to 10 business days.
  • Go to the OLCC portal and follow instructions listed below.

The eTIPS Oregon Seller Server course addresses concerns specific to restaurants, hotels, nightclubs, and other establishments where the alcohol is consumed on-premise.

The course also addresses concerns specific to grocery, liquor and package stores where the alcohol is consumed off the premises. The course focuses on recognizing signs of intoxication, preventing underage sales as well as second party sales.

Alcohol service laws are governed by: Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Control Commission

Oregon Alcohol Laws

This information has been provided to us by the regulating agency and is believed to be correct. However, laws and regulations may change at any time, and the information provided should not be relied upon in place of official documents. For more information or clarification, consult the regulatory body for this jurisdiction directly.

Age to Consume 21
Age to Pour 21
Age to Sell 18* (conditions apply)
Age to Serve 18* (conditions apply)

Oregon Alcohol Server Permit FAQS

What licenses do I need to sell alcohol i n Oregon?

Your will need an Oregon Alcohol Server Permit (temporary or permanent) prior to starting work in a licensed establishment if you serve alcohol in any manner.

How do I apply for the Oregon Alcohol Server Permit to serve alcohol?

  • Click on our links above to apply.
  • Fill out their forms online.
  • Pay the current Oregon fee ($23.00 + $5.65 Portal charge) to the state.
  • This fee is NOT included in the TIPS course fee.
  • Take and pass the State of Oregon Server Permit test online.
  • You MUST have passed an approved alcohol course prior to taking this test.
  • You will receive your temporary Server Permit to start work. Oregon will mail your permanent Permit.

How long does it take to receive my Server Permit from the State of Oregon?

You may print out your 30 day temporary server permit online right away. If you do not have a printer you may perform a screen capture and keep it on your phone to produce if requested. You must have it on your person at all times while working. You will be able to print out your permanent permit once the system updates.

How do I get a replacement Employee License if I lose mine?

Your license may be viewed and reprinted online at the OLCC website at no charge or you may call the OLCC office at 503-872-5200 to get a free copy of your Oregon Server Permit..

How long is an Oregon Server Permit valid?

The Oregon Alcohol Server Permit is valid for 5 years.

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